AIM specializes in fixed rate money market segregated portfolios. These segregated portfolios is specifically structured to comply with the needs and requirements of the specific client and will at all times comply with the agreed upon, mandate and investment policies and procedures as set out by the parties.

These fixed rate, segregated money market portfolios is independent, and is not unitized or part of any collective investment scheme. These segregated portfolios does not partake in any derivative structures, invest in hedge funds or any alternative management funds that can lead to capital losses. For this reason the fund excludes, shares, capital markets, and bonds as investment classes.

It is to be noted that AIM manages only monies that is available for term investments. It is the role of AIM to invest the money at the best yields at the time, taking into account capital and liquidity risk

AIM aims to deliver a higher level of income compared to call deposits and fixed deposits of the Banks over the short, medium and long term.

The capital of the Client is to be protected and capital guaranteed at all time.

The term of the investment is typically from twelve to sixty months depending on the yield curve  

Liquidity is of utmost importance for the portfolio.

That is why we invest in fixed rate, negotiable certificates of deposits (NCD’s).

The fixed rate, money market instruments can be realized immediately with the Banks, without any capital losses.

NCD’s, is Tier 1 capital of the Banks, and the nominal values are guaranteed, unless there is a major credit default by any or all Banks in South Africa.

The maturity date of NCD’s does not play any role in the liquidity requirement for the Client as the Banks always guarantee to buy back their own paper.