Our Team

Caffie Brand - B.Com. Member of Institute of Bankers

Key individual and Executive director. Completed Financial Services Board required regulatory exams: RE 1, RE 3 and RE 5. Debt origination experience includes raising funds for rated Municipalities, Metropolitan councils, Eskom, Development Bank of South Africa, Land Bank, South African Reserve Bank, Telkom, Transet, various Water Authorities, including Lepelle Northern Water and the Lesotho Highlands Water Project. 

Employment in the financial markets included setting up money market, trading desk at Rand Merchant Bank, and trading fixed rate instruments at Legae Securities.

Caffie was the founding member of Quantum Alliance Financial Services (Pty) Ltd in 2001, and was approved as an Investment Manager, in terms of the Financial Markets Control Act of 1989 (FMCA).

Portfolio Manager: Money Market Portfolio



Riaan Wilhelm Steenkamp - BPL. Compliance Practices No. 5334

Riaan Steenkamp is currently an Asset Manager and Director of Amada Asset Management (Pty) Ltd. And Amada Investment Management (Pty) Ltd. Has been involved as Director and Asset Manger on both Stockbroking and SAFEX Commodity Member companies.

He has extensive knowledge of the workings of the front, middle and back office, worked both on the Desk and as Portfolio Manager, overseeing the day to day activities of the company. Further responsibilities including being a SAFEX Compliance Officer, Money Laundering Compliance Officer and Compliance Officer with practice no. 5334 with FSB.

He has been in the financial services industry for eighteen years, and adds a wealth of experience and knowledge to Amada Investment Management (Pty) Ltd.

Assistant Portfolio Manager: Money Market Portfolio



Hamilton Mbele - SAIFM (South African Institute of Financial Markets), JSE Registered Persons Exams

As only the second black South African trader on the JSE open outcry-trading floor, Hamilton started his career in 1992 and spent 5 years trading on the open outcry floor of the JSE before electronic trading was introduced. Hamilton successfully embraced screen trading and saw his career span a further 20 years, working his way from booking Clarke to Senior trader, Sales Trader, Head of Equities and then Founder and Director of an Independent Stock Brokerage House.

Having started at the bottom, gone through the ranks performing every task on the desk, his work experience has depth and completeness that is extremely rare. Hamilton is well respected by market participants on both the buy and sell side of the industry.

He has been involved in the formation of two startup broking firms, Hamilton managed the sale of Atisa Securities to African Alliance where his involvement included the negotiating of the deal and performing the whole DD process. Hamilton is currently involved in all matters of pertaining to BEE brokers by virtue of being a member of the Black Broker Forum.

His experience and knowledge of the Equity Markets will strengthen the product offering of Amada Investment Management.