Our Philosophy

Amada is a boutique investment manager, specializing in fixed rate trading and fixed rate portfolios. Portfolio composition is structured under mandate and within risk parameters as agreed upon by our clients. The core of Amada investment philosophy is capital preservation and managing of downside risk.

The focus is not on guessing what markets will be doing, but on optimizing risk and return profile of funds under management, based on the yield curve. 

Our distinctive offering of treasury related and investment focused products fits in with our goal and objectives to be recognized as a specialist Money Market Asset Manager. We aim to build a well-defined, value added business focused on serving the needs of the selected market niche where we can compete effectively.

Our core focus areas are:


  • Adapting processes where market have created new opportunities

  • Limiting downside risk

  • Integrated and healthy client relations

  • Niche market focus

  • Accountability

  • Honesty and Integrity